TEMOS is a completely new and revolutionary concept of a test and measurement software. During development, the goal was NOT to provide as many functions as possible in order to satisfy as many users as possible. No. Because TEMOS is only made for ONE customer: for you.

TEMOS is an open and modular platform like the operating system of a smartphone. The basic functions of each measuring device are available: hardware setup, channel settings, acquisition, scaling and display of values, recording, reloading and analysis, export etc.

All these functions are implemented like apps as independent software modules that you can start and stop at any time - even during the running acquisition!

In addition to the standard functions, there are also numerous apps available, with functions that you would not have expect on a measurement instrument:

E-mail on alarms, real-time logging into Microsoft Excel files, database connection, real-time output via sound card, protocoll generation into existing templates etc.

What is really special, however, is the possibility of customizing existing apps or developing entirely new apps to add practically any functionality and hardware support. This development can be offered by AKITRON, but also by your prefered development partner or even by yourself. Templates are provided.

The ultimate application typically consists of the core program and only those apps that are actually needed. As a result, the program remains lean, clear, easy to use and economical in system resources. 

TEMOS is programmed in NI LabVIEW.

Test and measurement operation system


Uncompromising and open

With TEMOS there are practically no limits to functionality. Customer-specific functions and also hardware support - for new and existing- can also be easily added .


Agile and economical

Adjustments, changes or new developments often only affect the individual apps and can therefore be implemented quickly and inexpensively. Your wishes and suggestions for improvement do not end up at the bottom of a wish list and may be implemented in the annual software release in 2 years, but immediately.


Security and stability

The core functions and standard apps remain unchanged even with customer-specific adaptations, so their correct functioning is guaranteed.



The ultimate application software is usually a compilation of the required functions. This keeps the software lean and performant, easy to learn and use. It also does not consume unnecessary system resources or memory. This means that TEMOS can even be used on older computer hardware.


Sustainable and future-proof

With TEMOS you are betting on the future. Even if your requirements change, TEMOS is a living software project and will develop along with your requirements.



Further developments and software maintenance of the apps can be operated not only by AKITRON, but also by any software service provider or by customers with programming knowledge in NI LabVIEW. This means that it is not necessary to share sensitive application know-how. The source code is optionally available.


Full version, unlimited funktions at simulated Hardware. 14 days free trial at at real Hardware.

NEW: Online Repository

You may install, update or remove TEMOS Apps also by yourself, just like you do it on your smart phone. AKITRON maintaines an own Online App Repository from where you can download Apps with just a click . If the instrument is not connected to the internet you may download the file with any computer and install it on the instrument using a USB storage device. TEMOS don't even need to be closed for this! 

gallery/App repository

Base Indicators
This package contains common visualization elements such as Bar graph, meter, numeric display, strip chart, oscilloscope or FFT analysis. The elements are mostly for multiple channels and provide special functions such as peak hold or color change on thresholds.

These Apps are included in every TEMOS distribution.

Base Functions

This package contains common functions such as channel setup table, sensor calibration tool, sensors zero, data recording to file (various formats) meta data input or statistics.

These Apps are included in every TEMOS distribution.

This package contains useful apps to design your measurement dashboard. (Still images and text)


This package contains apps with mathematic functions:

Formulas, integration, derivation, digital filtering, resampling (to change the data rate) or to calculate gradients.


This app is a translation tool to create additional languages files for TEMOS.

High speed Video

This app controls high speed cameras from PHOTRON and synchronized records AVI files 

Function Generator

This package containes a fully featured function generator (requires DAC hardware / analog outputs from NI)


This package contains apps for dynamic signal anylsis:

FRF - Frequency response function

SRS - Shock response spectrum

PSD - Power spectrum density

THD - Total harmonid distortion

STFT - Short time Fourier Transformation

Nyquist Plot

Sine swept measurement

Single tone measurement


This package contains apps dedicated to DEWETRON (Orion, TRION, DAQP, HSI, EPAD) hardware:

Tools to configure signal conditioners, set digital outputs, self test, auto ranging, UART terminal, set analog output levels etc.


This package contains template vis for the development of your own apps (in NI Labview 16.0  format)


This package contains apps to send and receive Values over MODBUS (serial and TCP/IP, Master and Slave)


This package contains apps to send and receive measurement channels over network (TCP/IP, multiple sender and receiver)


This package contains apps for the electrical power and quality calculation according to EN50160.


This package contains apps to control TEMOS running on remote computers and to query values and status variables. 


This app receives and decodes measurement S.E.N.T. (single edge nibble transmission) channels 


This package contains apps for the measurement of sound level, sound power and sound analysis. You may also route a microhpone channel to a monitor speaker or recored WAV files.


This package contains apps to display the PC time, to synch the PC clock to a network time (NTP) or to execute actions after a countdown. 


This is a complete package with tools and utilities:

Admin - user level administration

Application manager - the TEMOS "task manager"

Control panel - a panel with an overview of the most important functions, such as start - stop - exit

CPU Load - provides the CPU load of each core as a measurement channel

Email - sends an email on a trigger condition

Explorer - an integrated file and web browser

Diagrams - switch between multiple dashboards in a slideshow

Storage capacity - provides the storage capacity or logical drives as measurement channels

Serial terminal - send and receive messages to a serial device (RS232 / 422/485).

and more!


This package contains apps to record and replay video from cameras (USB webcams and GigE cameras)


This package contains apps to generate signals without actual measurement hardware (demo signals from an internal function generator or noise data from your PC soundcard)

App Packages